T Storm Slick 540 89"

T Storm Slick 540 89"

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The 89 Slick, designed by Andrew Jesky, is one of the largest 50cc aircraft in the world, and is remarkably light for its huge size. Larger than some 35% aircraft.

The Slick delivers huge performance very similar in feel to a 40% aircraft. Pilots all over the love the anti-gravity 3D performance of their Slick, and appreciate the extreme precision of the AJ-designed aerodynamic package.

This is the aircraft that will show your best piloting off to the world and make it all easy for you.

The 89 Slick features all important high performance high quality ball link hardware, pre-finished canopy and hatch, pre-finished motor box with aluminium bracing, carbon one-piece landing gear with aluminium-braced mount, pre-hinged wings and stabs, carbon wing and stab tubes, carbon wing and stab receiver tubes, carbon tailwheel, aluminium-hub wheels, wing bags, and stabaliser bag.


Wingspan: 89"
Length: 91"
Wing Area: 1500 Sq. Inches
Weight 17-19 lbs.

 Power System

Propeller Falcon 22 x10 23x8 24x8 24x 9

Note: The 89" Slick firewall is set up for the 50cc engine. This engine provides excellent performance and bolts on with stock 3" standoffs. The DLE-61 provides extreme performance with no weight penalty.

Electric Power System

Hacker Q80-8M Motor - 24 x 10 prop
160 Amp  ESC
12S 5000mah Lipo (Two 6S 5000mah running in series)


Qty. 5 High Quality Hi Torgue Servo
jx72732mg Recommended

Servo Arms

Qty. 1  4" Offset for Rudder
Qty. 2 2" Single Sided for Elevators
Qty. 2  1.5" Single Sided for Ailerons


Qty. 2 52" For Elevators
Qty. 2 20" For Ailerons
Qty. 2 8" For Ailerons (Rx side)
Qty. 1 20" For Throttle or ESC
Qty. 1 12" For Rudder