RC Gadgetz Edge 57" Red/Blue

RC Gadgetz Edge 57" Red/Blue

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Hi pilots, RC Gadgetz is proud the announce the long awaited 57” Composite Edge 540 This isn’t just another Edge 540, this is an Edge 540 that has been engineered to do one thing and that is to fly awesome! We listened to your feedback and used the schemes designed by our fellow FG members that you folks voted for, took what we learned from our pervious composite Slick 560 and MXS to make something that not only withstands time and mother nature, but is also humble and forgiving. We have been working on this Edge 540 for quite some time, we designed the plane to fly when pushed to its limit, snappy, fast, agile, and performing the most G demanding manoeuvres with ease, but when its time to slow things down, it becomes floaty and so easy to control, it is a perfect blend.

We added the aileron counter balance to reduce the load on the servo, in turn giving you unbelievable continuous roll rate capability. We listened to you with regards to the plastic cowl and how more strength was need, so we changed the material from plastic to fiberglass making the cowl more durable. We and our team pilot believe that the Edge 540 is the complete package from precision flying to all the way down on the deck, jaw dropping 3D. Happy Flying RC Gadgetz Team.

  • Wingspan: 57” 
  • Wing area: 585.3 in2
  • Length: 52”
  • All up Weight:  3.5-3.7 lb (1.6-1.7kg)
  • Channels: 6 channel radio is recommended
  • Battery: 2300mah -3000 3s, 2500 4s
  • Required Prop:
  • For 3S recommended prop size 14x7
  • For 4S recommended prop size is 13x6.5
  • - Cooling spinner with lightened aluminum back plate include
  • Stator Diameter:31mm
  • Stator thickness: 20mm
  • KV: 1100
  • Max Continuous Current: 63.8A/10s
  • Max Continuous Power: 944W
  • Weight: 149g
  • Input cell number (lipo): 3s-4s
  • Speed(8V): 0.09s
  • Torque (8V): 3.5kg
  • Current drain (8V):25mA /Idle and 120mA no load operating
  • Motor Type: Iron core motor
  • Bearing Type: Dual Ball Bearing
  • Horn Type: 25T
  • Connector Wire Length: 300mm
  • Included CNC aluminum RCG arms
  • ESC
  • 2S-4S operation
  • 60A with a burst up to 80A
  • Deans plug soldered on
  • 4mm bullet connector
  • 5Amp/8V Sbec
  • Programable

    We have incorporated LED’s into the whole airframe, making it light up the skies when flying at night, in addition to the complete airframe being lit we have installed directional control green and red LED’s (navigation lights), this way losing orientation will be a thing of the past.

  • Five Channel Radio and Receiver
  • 2300-2500mAh 3S Lipo
  • 2500mAh 4S Lipo