• DLE-130 (Sold Out)
  • DLE-130 (Sold Out)
  • DLE-130 (Sold Out)
  • DLE-130

DLE-130 (Sold Out)

SKU: DLE-130


New to the DLE-Engines line up the 130cc Twin, same weight and dimension as the 120cc but with more power..!!

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Displacement   129.94cc
 Bore   47mm
 Stroke   37.5mm
Power   13HP @8500RPM
 Idle Speed  1300rpm
 Fuel Mixture Ratio  30:1
 Ignition  4.8volt -12volt
 Ignition Weight  190 grams
Muffler Weight  350 grams
Engine Weight  2542 grams


Propeller Recomendations 
 27x12, 28x10, 28x11, 29x9.