T Storm Edge 540 74

T Storm Edge 540 74"

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The Edge 540 is a legendary full scale aerobatic aircraft, unique for its distinctive straight leading edge wing. Nothing else looks like an Edge in the air. The wing design, however, is not just for looks. The straight leading edge and forward swept trailing edge give the wing distinctive flight characteristics in 3D flight. You'll notice easier, more instinctive, and smoother harrier flights, as harrier turns, even tight ones, require less compensation from other controls. The result is a big friendly airplane that you can toss around down low with total confidence.

The Edge is also long, with an advanced tail design that gives excellent tracking. The Edge is capable of extremely precise flight and has a wide speed range. Landings with the Edge are no-drama, it just floats in slowly and predictably.

The T Storm 74" Edge uses 4 full size metal gear servos, plus a throttle servo if needed. A second elevator servo may also be installed to balance a very heavy petrol engine. All ball-link hardware is included, along with carbon landing gear attached to a fiberglass/carbon reinforced plate, wing bags, carbon wing tube, locking hatch latch, carbon-reinforced fuselage, aluminium axles, carbon tail wheel, and more.

For IC power, the 74" Edge is set up for the DLE-30 engine, and includes a firewall-drilling template for that engine and uses the standoffs included with the latest version of the DLE-30 engine. If you are not using a DLE-30, you will have to supply the correct length standoffs and drill your firewall accordingly for your particular engine.

      • Wood/Carbon/Kevlar hybrid structure
      • Carbon main and tail landing gear 
      • Removable rudder Carbon wing tube with carbon receivers
      • Dual carbon tail tubes wing and tail bags
      • Cross-drilled axles
      • Aluminum-centre wheels
      • High quality ball link hardware
      • Side-force generators
      •  Unique Sprinted Scheme



Wingspan: 74"
Length: 68"
Wing Area: 1000 Sq. Inches
Weight: 9.5-11 lbs.

Required Equipment

25-35CC Gas (DLE-30 Recommended)
Electric Flight Battery 6S-8S set up 

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QTY 2 24" Elevator and Rudder
QTY 2 12" Ailerons
QTY 2 4-6" Ailerons (receiver side)
QTY 1 18" Throttle servo