AJ Slick 71

AJ Slick 71"

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The NEW 71" Slick has been updated to allow for both electric or gas setups.

This is the big, light, precise, floaty, confidence-inspiring ARF that you can fly on 25-35cc gas engines or 6S-8S electric systems and has all of the features you want. Feels like 100CC, fits anywhere, and fits the budget!

  • Genuine ultracote covering in super-visible new schemes.
  • Carbon-carbon reinforced landing gear mount with new high-strength hardware.
  • Pre-hinged and gap sealed ailerons
  • Phenolic/ball link hardware
  • Carbon wing tube
  • Carbon main gear
  • Wing bags
  • Carbon tail wheel
  • New 3" main wheels
  • ..and much more

The 71" Slick can be set up for the DLE-30 engine, and includes a firewall-drilling template for that engine and uses the standoffs included with the latest version of the DLE-30 engine. If you are not using a DLE-30, you will have to supply the correct length standoffs and drill your firewall accordingly for your particular engine.

We recommend the DLE-30 Rear-Carb engine for this aircraft, with a 20x6 (or Vess 19A or 20A) prop.


Wingspan: 71"
Length: 70"
Wing Area: 1012 Sq. Inches
Weight: 9.5-10.5 lbs.
Firewall to front of cowl: 6 5/16" or 160mm.

Recommended Equipment


Qty. 4 MKS HV-1220
Qty. 1 MKS HV-1250 throttle servo
Qty. 1 standard throttle servo if needed. NOTE: Mini-servos have a short life span as throttle servos in this application, use with caution.

Servo Arms

Qty. 2 - 2 inch  single servo arm for ailerons
Qty. 1 - 2 inch single servo arm for elevator
Qty. 1 - 4 inch Extreme Flight double servo arm for pull-pull rudder OR Qty. 1 - 2 inch Extreme Flight single servo arm for push-pull rudder


Qty. 2 - 24 inch elevator and rudder
Qty. 2 - 12 inch ailerons
Qty. 2 - 6 inch ailerons (receiver side)
Qty. 1 - 18 inch throttle servo


3.0 inch (76 mm)